About Pickled Shark

Shark in a Goldfish Bowl

Pickled Shark is a blog discussing and sharing information, opinions and experiences related to the internet from an entrepreneurial point of view. This includes affiliate marketing, website development, search engine optimisation, motivational techniques, community networking and relevant applications.

Above all Pickled Shark is a place to share tips and tricks, to open discussions, make connections and generally contribute to the professional internet sphere.

The Pickled Shark blog is authored primarily by Carey Baird who currently has over 10 years experience in web development, search engine optimisation, web related management and affiliate marketing both from an employed and entrepreneurial point of view.

Our pledge at Pickled Shark is to offer information that is accurate to our knowledge, reviews that are honest and generally contribute in a way that is not misleading to our visitors. We aim to bring more trust to the area of helping fellow web professionals without trying to make a quick buck from a referral or paid promotion.

Pickled Shark is open to feedback, suggestions, forming relationships and anything else you would like to discuss. Get in touch with us at the Contact Page – we would love to hear from you.

Why Pickled Shark?
PickledShark started as the username of choice for me (Carey Baird) from my early days of using the web and was inspired by the Damien Hirst’s controversial art project The Physical Impossibility of Death in the Mind of Someone Living. This represents the start of my adventure in the online world and for me it encompasses my history and experience. It also highlights my belief that while business on the web is methodical and technical, like any other field, it also benefits from a splash of personality and individuality.

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