Are you talking to your customers correctly?

If you do any kind of business online then the way you communicate to your customers is absolutely crucial. In a world of the typed word, emotions can be misinterpreted and messages can be misunderstood. I am going to list my key principles in communicating with customers below but let us consider this mantra first. […]

How do you know when your software is ready?

If you haven’t heard this advice before then you aren’t reading enough. Release early, release often! But this doesn’t tell give you the real picture… When I first started out creating software I was scared. I was scared that something would break, data would be lost and that my reputation would be ruined. My first […]

Want to Succeed? Remember Your Creative Side

Success, happiness or any of your goals cannot be defined in a precise formula. You can seek guidance from people, inspiration and knowledge but it is up to you to add a splash of creativity and put it all together to solve that unique problem your facing. In this article we explore what that creativity is, why it is important and how we have come to stop using it.

What is a Thin Affiliate Site?

In their ever continuing efforts to fight spam, Google coined the phrase thin affiliate to describe a site offering only affiliate links and no value to a user. Being labeled a thin affiliate site will mean very little to no traffic from Google, but what criteria does Google use to filter out these sites, how do they do it and how can you prevent this happening to you?

Why Opportunity is Stealing our Time, Focus and Energy

In every area of our life we have opportunity. Every day a new tool is launched that could change our leaves, a new technology that can make us happier or a new skill that can increase our earnings. In this article we look at why people are overwhelmed by opportunity, hide behind it and most importantly how we can deal with this.