I start my projects with a very simple and important focus.

Start now.

Do something.

You can spend weeks, months and years of your life planning for an idea.

Don’t get me wrong; planning is very important (we will look at that in another post).

But what is even more important is that you take action. Take action now, take action tomorrow and keep taking action even when you are successful.

How many times have you heard people say that they had the idea first?

The truth is that people have ideas all day, every day. Ideas are cheap. Ideas are fun. Ideas are exciting.

Ideas that turn into reality are few and far between. But why?

As soon as we sit down to start working on our idea, we realise how much hard work it is going to be.

That initial excitement of the idea will get you started and it might even get you over the first hurdle.

But you need a real drive to get you further. You need a determination that cannot be knocked. You need to want it more than you want to sleep.

In the future I am going to look at when and how to give up (because sometimes giving up is the right thing to do).

I have given up on countless ideas and will give up on even more in the future.

Just try to remember.. even if you give up on your idea you will have learned the lessons you need for your next project.

Don’t kill your enthusiasm with planning and don’t fear failure.

Get started on your idea.


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