Want to Succeed? Remember Your Creative Side

What is creativity?
Many people think of creativity purely as a design skill. Wikipedia defines creativity as a phenomenon whereby someone creates something new and valuable.

This is what we are looking at in this article – how and why you must bring something creative to your project or whatever you are trying to achieve.

Forget the Formula

There are many stories of success. Some people make a good living selling their success stories as a formula. But those that buy them rarely succeed… why?

There is no such thing as a formula to success, happiness, love or anything intangible. Once it has been done you simply can’t repeat it and get exactly the same results. I am not saying you can’t learn from other peoples success… but what you learn from them is important.

Forget the methods and look at how they solved the problem they faced. Learn the journey, not the path.

Creativity is needed

Instead of following exactly what other people have done, look at what was innovative about it. What did they do different? Where is the inspiring moment? Once you have identified other peoples creative spark, see how you can apply it to yourself.

Creativity is in us all and just needs to be trusted.

Think outside the box and don’t let others think for you

Everybody has an opinion but only yours matters. If you worry about what others think about your idea or approach, don’t. Lead your peers and don’t let them lead you. People may criticise you or support you – either way, you know you are doing something right when people are talking about you.

Go with your gut instinct and stand out.

Where did our Creativity go?

As a younger person your ideas will have been more fanciful, more outrageous and generally more unrealistic. But what is wrong with that? Over time “real life” beats us down. We look for a quick win to make things better, and a quick formula.

Take that Creativity back. Smile more and enjoy what you do. Trust your instinct.

Break the rules

Sometimes you need to break the rules. When the first cashback website launched, it was a radical idea and many people wondered if this was fair, legal and a valid business. In reality it broke boundaries and launched a whole new world for affiliates to explore.

Do less of the business plans and the market research, more of the “what will happen if I do this?”.

Feed your Creativity

Give yourself room to breath. Forget your todo list for an afternoon and take yourself out of your normal environment. Talk to great people about your ideas and get excited.

We are all motivated differently. Find your spark.

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